Is AI coming for your job? And what jobs are most threatened by AI?

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From bank tellers and retail workers to software engineers and doctors, no line of work is immune to being disrupted by artificial intelligence.

But which occupations are the most vulnerable to AI-related job losses?  

According to a new analysis by, the workforce in Phoenix is the 7th most threatened in the nation when it comes to the number of potential job losses due to artificial intelligence. 

Overall, 312,610 jobs in the Phoenix metro area are threatened by AI or considered “at-risk,” according to the study. 

Here are the highlights: 

  • Total workforce in Phoenix: 2,220,140
  • Number of potential jobs lost to AI: 312,610
  • Percent of potential jobs lost to AI: 14.08%

Top 3 most “at-risk” occupations in Phoenix:

  • Retail Salespersons: 84,730 employees
  • Cashiers: 59,690 employees
  • Customer Service Representatives: 40,360 employees

Cities with the most potential job losses include Las Vegas (No. 1); Miami (No. 2) and Louisville (No. 3). 

To determine the ranking, the analysis considered the 10 most at-risk occupations according to data from the World Economic Forum. 

Employment data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics was then analyzed to determine which cities might experience the most job losses due to AI.

Across the 50 most populated metropolitan areas, more than 10 million jobs fall into the category of “at-risk” occupations.

You can find the full data here