The big game is over, but the social media lives on! AT&T is reporting a new record with 21 TB of data used during the Super Bowl in Glendale – including an 81% increase in 5G data usage over last year.

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To put that into perspective, 21 TB of data is the equivalent of more than 2 million selfies or 7,000 full length movies traveling across the AT&T network in and around the stadium.

The Big Game was nothing less than super. Here’s some additional highlights:

• AT&T fans were clearly excited to be at this momentous event as Super Bowl fans used 9 TB of data while tailgating and entering the stadium.

• The Big Game’s 3rd quarter clearly had fans nervously watching the game with the lowest usage of 1 TB, but as the game intensified, they were back to posting and live streaming with 3 TB during the 4th quarter.

The MVP of Super Bowl data

Our network team and the FirstNet® team at AT&T took home the Most Valuable Player award, having spent over a year preparing for and making extensive network upgrades in and around the stadium:

• Added 2,000+ wireless network antennas serving the interior of the stadium, supported by 12 miles of fiber and power cables, to provide reliable connectivity in seating areas on all levels

• Boosted coverage outside the stadium with 60+ small cells supported by 15 miles of fiber and power cables to provide additional commercial 5G and 4G LTE, as well as public safety’s Band 14 spectrum, to cover the tailgating and Westgate area.

• Deployed 4 Cell on Wheels (COWs) to support an influx of fans at key event locations like the Arizona State Fairgrounds and Main Street tailgate event.

These are just a few of the improvements in our playbook. AT&T fans scored as our network preparation paid off. And the Phoenix community wins as these upgrades are now on our permanent network roster.

The Big Game’s True Champions

The game is an experience of a lifetime for fans, but the True Champions are first responders. Thousands of first responders from agencies across jurisdictions come together to keep us all safe and make it a success. And at a time when people are sharing more content than ever before, the need for public safety to have access to dedicated connectivity, innovative tools and mission-centric solutions has never been more vital. That’s why public safety has their own network – FirstNet, Built with AT&T.

Serving as public safety’s true network partner, we gave first responders an unparalleled level of support:

• The FirstNet Response Operations Group – led by former first responders – was embedded with public safety to address their immediate needs leading up to and during the Big Game.

• Always ready for the unexpected, we stationed deployable assets from the dedicated FirstNet fleet for extra redundancy. This included 4 SatCOLTs (Satellite Cell on Light Trucks), 2 CRDs (Compact Rapid Deployables), 1 CV (Communications Vehicle), Flying COW (Cell on Wings) and robotic dog.

• And with always-on priority, and preemption for first responders, FirstNet subscribers were able to stay connected and operate as fast, safe and effective as ever.

AT&T has invested more than $625 million in its Arizona wireless and wireline networks from 2019-2021. Whether staying connected at the Big Game, at home or on the go, we’ll be there with a strong network to share all the unforgettable moments. And first responders continue to keep those moments safe and secure.

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