In yoga and meditation, beginning your practice with an intention is not uncommon. This “intention” often sets the tone not only for the practice itself, but also for the minutes, hours and even day (or days) ahead. One clear intention set by Amangiri — an ultra-luxury, private resort in Canyon Point, Southern Utah — is stillness. Even before visitors set foot on the resort’s property, the majestic landscape leading there — lined with some of the most stunning rock striations you’ll ever see — offers an invitation to slow down, relax and be still.

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Amangiri may not have crafted the mesas, buttes and other natural formations throughout its 900 acres, but everything inside the resort and neighboring Camp Sarika has been intentionally and specifically designed to help its guests find tranquility. From the grand stone staircase leading to Amangiri’s entrance and floor-to-ceiling windows and sage-lined fireplaces in the lobby/restaurant to the elegant, one-of-a-kind pool and private, contemporary, luxury guest quarters — every space summons serenity.

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Specialized service

Amangiri’s physical architecture isn’t the only intentional means of keeping its occupants relaxed. Every employee seems as if they have just completed a deep meditation practice of their own, speaking in slow, soft tones and always willing to go above and beyond to be of service. 

“You will never see an Amangiri employee running anywhere on the property,” says Audrey Huttert, general manager of Amangiri. 

Huttert explains that curating a specialized, elevated experience is something Amangiri implements from booking to checkout. 

“Once we get that initial contact with guests,” she says, “whether you return or you’re a new traveler coming our way, it’s trying to help guide and prepare itineraries that fit the needs and the purpose of the trip.”

And people come from all over the world to experience all that Amangiri has to offer — which is plentiful. 

Amangiri’s spa is among the most renowned and most coveted in the world, providing visitors ample opportunities to unwind and luxuriate with unique and seasonal treatments, in addition to yoga on the rocks and grounding rituals.   

The fine dining offerings of Amangiri are spectacular, taking special note to blend with the surrounding resort’s desertscape majesty and changing seasons. (For breakfast, you must try the pancake of ALL pancakes — they’ll even make you a gluten-free version if requested). 

During their stay, Amangiri guests can also tour the Grand Cayon by helicopter; take guided tours of Rattlesnake Canyon, Owl Canyon, Upper Antelope or Mountain Sheep canyons; go horseback riding; embark upon self-guided hikes; embrace the Via Ferrata Challenge and Cave Peak Stairways — a series of cables and ladder rungs, affixed to the rock face and more. 

But it’s not only the breadth and grandeur of Amangiri and its provisions that make it one of Aman Hotel and Resorts’ most sought-after destinations. It’s the fine touches that make Amangiri extraordinary; it’s people like Merry, Nicolette and Zhalian, who anticipate your needs before you do, a sage bundle on your bed waiting for you after coming back from a decadent meal or spa treatment (with an invitation for an employee to sage you!) and the small gifts you receive upon departure that add to the Amangiri experience and help you find the stillness you seek.  

Current Amangiri special offer

The Ultimate Amangiri Experience is available to book now through Oct. 30, 2023. The new all-encompassing, three-night package showcases the very best of the resort, including:

  • A helicopter tour of the nearby Grand Canyon.
  • A guided tour of three famed slot canyons on the Navajo Nation including Rattlesnake Canyon, Owl Canyon and a choice of Upper Antelope or Mountain Sheep canyons.
  • Two 60-minute, custom massages.
  • Full board (excluding alcoholic beverages).
  • Return transfers from Page Municipal Airport.
  • Complimentary upgrade at the time of booking, for a seamless travel experience.